Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to Make Android remote control app using MIT app inventor for controlling a robot through bluetooth and Arduino

Here's a step by step Tutorial For Making an android app using MIT app inventor for controlling a arduino robot through bluetooth. 

There are many app available in the android store to use with arduino and other microcontrollers but you may encounter with many adds and spam and we are bound to accept the licence agreement with the developer where we may share many vital information from our device. so how can we eliminate the use of using 3rd party apps for our own project?

Yeah there is a solution for this to create our own app where we don't need to worry about sharing our personal information with the original app developer.

Follow the video to make your own app to control your gadgets and robot. check the other videos for how to control electrical devices and other appliances by making your own Android app using MIT app inventor and controlling devices through arduino or other microcontroller.


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